Dara Community (Residential)

Dara Community provides residential services to adults with an intellectual disability in North Kildare and North Dublin. There are thirteen homes in total. Eleven of these homes are registered with HIQA. Dara ensure that people are supported according to their needs in their homes. Everyone is involved and participates in the running of their home, daily chores and decision making in their home. The upkeep, décor and maintenance of each home is given careful consideration and the people supported and staff ensure this is of a very high standard. Each person has a room of their own and can decorate this according to their wishes.
Each person has a right to choose where and with whom they live. Some people live alone, some people live with one, two or three other people. Each person contributes to the utilities in their home and is involved in their neighbourhood. Each persons family and friends are welcome to visit regularly and strong connections with families are valued.