DaraPossibilities was set up in 2012, to offer adults with an intellectual disabilities person centred, self-directed supports from their own home. Through recognising and supporting the natural authority of the person and their family, each person is supported to use their HSE approved funding to design and co-manage their support arrangement. DaraPossibilities falls under the governance, management, and company structures of Dara.

Our Vision is “People of all abilities live a good life their way through their voice and their choices”.

We support the person to access the good things of life by building connections in their community and working collaboratively with their natural support network (Circle of Support). We empower individuals to be involved in their local community, promote active citizenship, and provide a high-quality person-centered service. We work with a diverse range of individuals ranging in age from 18-64 years with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities with varying needs
and aspirations. We work in partnership with the person, listen carefully to them and support them to achieve their wishes, dreams and goals.

  • Our aim is to support the person
  • To live a life that is meaningful to them and describe what this looks like.
  • To access their rights as equal citizens and support decision making and participation in their community
  • To live self-directed lives and provide accessible information to supported informed decision making
  • To focus on their strengths, interests, aspirations and hopes.
  • Help identify their existing valued roles in life and develop new roles that really fit who they are as a person.
  • To find new ways to contribute and develop their abilities.
  • To develop a clear plan with goals that capture what they want to do and achieve.
  • To identify and get the support, information and actions needed to make their plan happen
  • To build and maintain natural relationships within their chosen community